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Dating is... an experiment

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At a meeting of meme investigators, Dana conceals from the others that she's brought along a first date.

▶ Would you believe this evidence of ghosts, monsters & conspiracies? http://bit.ly/swipefalsify

Dana posts a photo of a friend's dog to her dating profile and the lie spirals out of control.

▶ How bitcoin works and some unusual uses for blockchains: http://bit.ly/swipeblockchain

Justin creates an obnoxious persona in an attempt to win a reality dating show.

▶ These are some of the silliest correlations we've ever seen: http://bit.ly/swipecorrelation

Dana spies on her match before the first date to build a psychological profile that will guarantee romance.

▶ How algorithmic bias affects you and your favorite apps: http://bit.ly/swipebias

Justin thinks a date with an influencer will lead to free promotion for the app.

▶ The unexpected ways data-fishing affects you: http://bit.ly/swipedatafishing

▶ The discovery that could cure genetic diseases and do so much more: http://bit.ly/swipecrispr