Explore the Science of Algorithmic Bias in A.I.

How algorithmic bias affects you and your favorite apps

The Biases of Tinder's Algorithm
As Tinder adapts to your swipes, it could start to mirror biases you didn't know you had.
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This Researcher's Observation Shows The Uncomfortable Bias Of TikTok's Algorithm
An experiment revealed the dark side of Tik Tok's algorithm.
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A Dating App for Literal Monsters Exposes the Bias in Our Swipes
The MonsterMatch app is a great example of algorithmic bias.
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Speech Recognition Tech Is Yet Another Example of Bias
Alexa and Siri may have trouble recognizing you because of the way they were programmed.
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Racial Bias in AI Isn't Getting Better and Neither Are Researchers' Excuses
A portrait-making app generated white faces for non-white users.
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