Explore the Science of Falsifiability

Would you believe this evidence of ghosts, monsters & conspiracies?

Why People Think They See Ghosts
There's no evidence of ghosts, but here's why you're not crazy if you see one.
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A Map of the United Monsters of America
Where to find the monsters in your state - and the evidence that could convince you that they're real.
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What is a Cryptid? The Gizmodo Guide to Undocumented and Unusual Beasts
Many investigations into the Loch Ness Monster have found... something.
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Down the 5G & COVID-19 Conspiracy Rabbithole
Believers share their evidence of a new conspiracy theory - and experts disprove it.
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How Scientists Debunked the Loch Ness Monster
All the ways we know there's isn't a giant dinosaur-like animal living in a Scottish lake.
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Does Science Need Falsifiability?
It sounds good in theory, but is it always perfect for telling the difference between science and non-science?